Our Locations

Our Prestigious Swiss Locations


EliteModels Lugano

Discover unparalleled sophistication with EliteModels in Lugano, where luxury and beauty converge in Switzerland’s picturesque setting.


EliteModels Zurich

Explore the pinnacle of luxury with EliteModels in Zurich, where culture and elegance blend seamlessly. Dive into a world of unparalleled sophistication and style with us.


EliteModels Geneva

Discover unmatched grace with EliteModels in Geneva, set against the backdrop of the city’s stunning lake views. Experience the epitome of luxury and refinement with us.


EliteModels Zug

Uncover the tranquility of elegance with EliteModels in Zug, where serene landscapes meet luxury. Experience the height of refined living with us.


EliteModels Luzern

Step into the world of EliteModels in Luzern, where the charm of history meets contemporary luxury. Experience the essence of timeless elegance amidst the city’s iconic landscapes with us.

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